Furniture Ombudsman Chief Executive is elected to Association’s Executive Committee

A representative of The Furniture Ombudsman is one of five members newly elected to the Ombudsman Association’s Executive Committee at the Annual Meeting on 14 May 2015 to serve alongside the current members.

Kevin Grix, the Chief Executive and Chief Ombudsman at The Furniture Ombudsman, Jane Martin, the Local Government Ombudsman, and, Peter Tyndall, the Ombudsman and Information Commissioner for Ireland, were elected to represent Ombudsman Members.

Kevin Grix said:

“The Ombudsman Association is the pre-eminent body within the ADR landscape. Through its strict membership criteria, it helps to guard the interests of the ombudsman and complaint handling profession which helps to keep standards and integrity high. Its position is well regarded by government and I am delighted to have been appointed to its Executive, where I shall lend all of my support to further the aims of the organisation.”

Lewis Shand Smith, the Chief Ombudsman of Ombudsman Services and the current Chair of the Association, said:

“I’m delighted to welcome Jane and Peter back to the Executive Committee and look forward to working with Nick, Kevin and Michael in delivering the Association’s aims.”

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