Ban the Bravado


  • 89% of British blokes won’t ask others for help
  • 58% think they can do everything themselves, 36% feel men should be self-sufficient and 18% think asking for help is embarrassing
  • 39% keep schtum when feeling depressed and 33% dodge the doctor
  • 61% would have a go at dangerous DIY rather than get in a pro
  • Yet the average botched DIY job costs £1,165 to fix
  • Leading body advises ‘ban the bravado and go pro when it comes to electrical safety’

While Britain’s blokes may be widely revered for their macho, fearless nature, new research has revealed that, when it comes to safety in the home, their reluctance to ask for help could be putting their homes and families in grave danger.

According to new research by NICEIC, the UK’s leading name for registered electricians, despite major progress being made in dispelling traditional gender stereotypes, four in five (78%) UK men still see their role as the ‘man of the house’.

Aligned to this, nine in ten (89%) admit they would rather rely totally upon themselves than ask others for help. For three fifths (58%) it’s a case of they believe they can do it all themselves, a third (36%) feel men should be self-sufficient, a fifth (18%) think asking for help is embarrassing and 12% see it as a sign of weakness.

The survey of 2,000 consumers also reveals that two fifths (39%) of UK men would keep it to themselves if they felt low or depressed, a third (33%) would soldier on rather than going to a doctor if they were ill and a fifth (20%) wouldn’t ask for directions even if they were lost.

A clear indication of the full extent of British blokes’ bravado, almost a quarter (24%) even admit to exaggerating the truth to impress their mates or partner; 30% have inflated details of their ‘love life’, a quarter (25%) have bigged-up their booze consumption on a night out, 24% have lied about their wage and a further 24% have told a completely fabricated story.

As part of this macho mind-set, well over half (56%) feel it is their responsibility to do the majority of home improvement work in the home rather than call in a professional – a sentiment firmly endorsed by over half of the opposite sex (53%) – despite the fact that 61% admit their DIY skills are average or below.